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Marisa Gonzalo

I enjoy the challenge and potential for improvement every single ...
Marisa Gonzalo

I enjoy the challenge and potential for improvement every single time I compete.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Marisa and I was born and raised in Michigan. I currently go to Crossfit Maven in Rochester Hills. I am currently a nanny who has a passion for being active!

2. What’s a typical day look like for you?


There is no “typical day” for me these days with an ever changing schedule that always keeps me on my toes, but it’s always an adventure. I work out around 7am or 7pm depending on my schedule for the day. Being a nanny means driving to activities and piano lessons, etc., so the day to day life is always different!

3. How did you get started on your current fitness journey?

A few years ago, my friend Brad(and also one of the owners of Maven) told me over and over how much I would love Crossfit because he knew I had an athletic background in track and field. It took me awhile to get myself to get in the gym, but once I started, I definitely didn’t want to stop! The competitive streak in me made me love the challenge of always learning new skills and the potential to always improve.

4. What’s one goal you’re currently training to accomplish by December 31, 2016?

I train mainly Crossfit, but also love Olympic lifting and have done a number of meets. I plan to lift at the American Open in December and am training for that as well!

5. What’s one life goal you’re currently pursuing outside of fitness?

Outside of fitness, I am currently working towards going back to school. I followed a bit of a different path in that I went to school for a couple of years and then participated in an Americorps program mentoring and tutoring for a year, and am now figuring out next steps! Transition periods are nerve wracking, but they’re not a bad thing at all.

6. What does it mean to you to Compete Every Day?

I compete everyday to improve myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. People aren’t kidding around when they say working out can be a kind of therapy. I love every second of it, even with the challenges and ups and downs. 

7. What is one obstacle you’re proud you’ve overcome?

For me, the aspect of competing in Crossfit has ended up being more of a mental challenge than I ever realized it would be. I had competed all my life in a certain sport, but in participating in my first Crossfit competition, I felt like a rookie all over again. I strive to be a consistent athlete who performs well for their team and has their head on straight on the floor of competition every single time. Someone dependable.

I didn’t feel like I was that way for a long time in competition, and whether it was because of outside events going on in my life, or just me battling with my confidence, it had a negative affect on my performance. In the past year or so, a change in my attitude and my motivations have helped me learn to be a stronger athlete both mentally and physically. I’m working hard, having fun, and am becoming the athlete that I want to be for myself and for those that I compete with.

This may seem like a small thing to overcome for some, but it was a huge thing for me inside and outside of Crossfit.

8. What/who do you compete for?

I compete for my Crossfit community and the lifelong friends I’ve made by becoming a Maven. I also compete for myself because I enjoy the challenge and potential for improvement every single time I compete. 

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