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    Episode 37: Daron Roberts, From Harvard Law to the NFL

    Episode 37: Daron Roberts, From Harvard Law to the NFL

    Change and transition are the ultimate mental negotiators. They often succeed in talking people down from the ledge of their dreams, hopes, and goals. After all, your comfort zone is full of all the same routines and surroundings — much cozier than that scary ledge. But what if you knew that beyond it, was a better version of you? Your best self? Would you challenge yourself to ignore your fear and leap?

    Transition Coach Daron Roberts is an expert at helping people ‘jump off the ledge of their doubts’ but only after making some major life shifts of his own. Going from law school to the NFL, to author and lecturer at the University of Texas, Daron’s pivots taught him how to persevere through the hardships of change and take on the challenges of transition.

    Through Daron’s Amazon bestselling book, Call An Audible, his course, “A Gameplan Winning at Life,” and motivational Instagram videos, he knows no bounds when it comes to inspiring others to transition into being the best version of themselves.

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