by Jake Thompson

Winners Ain't Waiting

A Competitor isn’t someone who waits for someone else to give them...
Winners Ain't Waiting

Action is the one thing that determines whether what we say that we want is actually what we want.

For most people, this is where we determine that they don’t actually want the goals they can’t stop talking about or to build the life they dream of.

They talk and talk and talk – but rarely do they ever put action behind those words to go get those goals.

Whenever I go talk to high school students or college athletes, I do this small activity where I ask if someone wants a Compete Every Day wristband or a copy of my book.

A lot of hands shoot up in the air and many students will yell that they do.

I’ll ask the question again.

The hands go up higher. Their voices yell “I DO!” much louder.

I’ll patiently stand there on the stage before asking a third time.

It’s at this point you can see a few students start to inch out of their chairs. They look toward teachers for permission. They’re trying to see what someone else is going to do.

Finally, someone will break the hesitation and walk (or run!) up to the stage and grab the item I had in my hand.

I use the illustration to teach the importance of going after your goals.

A Competitor isn’t someone who waits for someone else to give them permission to go after their goals.

A Competitor isn’t looking to see what everyone else is doing before deciding if they should go after their goals.

A Competitor just gets up and goes after it.

Don’t waste this week waiting for permission from someone to start building your best life. Don’t scroll social media to see if other people will approve if you go after this goal.

Just do one thing today to get after the goal.

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