by Jake Thompson

When Worry & Fear Will Attack

Worry attacks our mind when we let our focus drift off of what we...
When Worry & Fear Will Attack

Our worries and fears rarely have anything do with what's happening right now.

Actually, I'd argue they never do.

Worry and fear are feelings & thoughts based on a future where things don't go our way.

We invest finite time & energy into worrying about, or in fear of, a situation that hasn't even happened yet.

One that honestly, may not even happen.

The way we learn to work past those feelings of worry & fear is by being grounded more in the present.


The one and only day you have control over.

It's hard for worry & fear to have a foothold when you're dialed into today.

It's easy for them to trap you when you're consumed with tomorrow.

Spend more time today focusing on being in today:

  • What attitude am I choosing to have?
  • What actions can I take today for my goal/career/health?
  • What effort will I commit to giving for my actions?
  • What can I do today to be in a better position tomorrow?

Be where your feet are Competitor.

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