by Jake Thompson

The Manifesto

There are no “off” days in life. Inside of you lies a competitor wi...

There are no “off” days in life.

Inside of you lies a competitor with world changing abilities. All this competitor needs is a spark – a spark to set off a fire that powerfully changes you, your community, and your world. Our goal at Compete Every Day is to provide the lighter & the jet fuel to awaken your competitive spirit.

The difference between the great and the forgotten is merely just the desire to compete. Some release their inner competitor and set their world on fire, pressing onward no matter how much adversity is set in their way. They carve their names into the books of history and lives of others by leading the way when others bow out. The forgotten on the other hand, are content with mediocrity and break when adversity appears.

Persevere. Live bold. Believe in the impossible. Change the game. Rise every single time. Compete. Every second. Every day.

“The Manifesto.” It is what we stand for. It is what we do. Live bigger. Live bolder. Compete against all odds. Every single day.

Compete Every Day Manifesto

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