by Jake Thompson

No One Intends to Lose

When we fail to make a plan or accountability, we're choosing to ...
No One Intends to Lose

No one goes into the game planning to lose it. Everyone has the expectation they're going to win.

But not everyone chooses to win.

You choose to lose your opportunities when you fail to be proactive with your choices prior to them.

  • You choose to lose that fitness level when you keep hitting snooze & skipping the gym.
  • You choose to lose that financial fitness when you think "out of sight, out of mind" and keep swiping that credit card without a plan how to pay it off.
  • You choose to lose that client when you choose not to prepare adequately for your presentation.

We don't walk into life's moments expecting to lose, but that's exactly what we've done when our choices beforehand weren't intentional. 


No one intends to lose, but most do because they fail to own their choices.

And before I forget - Champions make bad choices from time to time too, but this is the difference: They don't let one bad choice become two. If you mess up once, make sure you win the next choice.


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