by Jake Thompson

Mallory Ming

“I strive to raise the standards that society sets, and push past t...

“I strive to raise the standards that society sets, and push past the stereotypes. I want to bring a physique that stands out from the rest and presents a whole new definition of what a competitor is suppose to look like. Not only by my physical stature, but by the way I carry myself through my actions both in and out of the spotlight. I don’t want to ever lift simply to build my own strength; I want to strengthen others by lifting them up, so that together we may build an army that stands as one body in an industry that is fixated on one’s self.”

Mallory Ming fought into the fitness world when she made the decision to finally get healthy. She started what she thought was simply a healthy diet and workout routine, but what she got as a new lifestyle. Her passion is built around authentic relationships – with strangers, friends, family, and with Christ. It grows with each rep pumped out and each challenge met. As a National Level NPC Bikini Competitor, Graphic Designer, and friend, Mal knows what it takes to be passionate in all areas of life. #WhyICompete

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