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How to Overcome Relentless Rejection

Slammed door. Slammed door. Slammed door. It’s frustrating, dish...
How to Overcome Relentless Rejection

Slammed door.

Slammed door.

Slammed door.

It’s frustrating, disheartening, and outright demoralizing to see a door shut in your face time and time again. We want to compete, we want to keep banging on that door until someone opens it, but part of us questions if we can continue to handle the rejection. Every time we start to get momentum, we get shut down.

I know you have thoughts of giving up. It’s hard right now to find the (any!) motivation to bang on the door one more time. You may feel as if you’ve been down this road for so long now, that the frustration is almost unbearable. You look back at how many days in the past you’ve heard “no,” and you start looking ahead, imagining how many more “no’s” might await. So you want to avoid the heartache and just stop now.

Before you do, can I challenge you to try something?

Make today Day One.

A small perspective shift that perhaps, might make the biggest of differences for you. If today is Day One, then it’s the start of a new journey.

Those previous rejections? They’re in the past because today is the first chapter of a new journey. They’re behind us, as if we just closed the chapter on them to start writing on a new page. The feared rejections ahead that *might* happen next? They haven’t happened yet. That’s looking to day 4, 5, 15 before you even get through Day One. Keep your eyes on that big goal down the road, but stay present to where your feet are.

Today. Day One.

Someone wanting to break a negative habit can succeed on the first day. The struggles and temptations are there, but they’re not overwhelming on day one. So today is their Day One, and they can achieve a victory on Day One. In the instance they can’t, and they slip back into their old habits by day’s end, it’s ok. Because tomorrow, they’ll make it Day One. And the next day will be Day One, again.

It’s not the immediate present – Our Own Day One – that overwhelms us. It’s when we try to look at everything behind us and guess at everything in the future that *could* await us that we get overwhelmed, that we feel fear, that we are stopped.

But we’re never stopped on Day One.

The key to overcoming endless rejections is to make every day, Day One.

Day One is for us to build on any victories from the day before, because it's a fresh…
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And Day One is for rebounding from all failures, because it gives us a fresh start.

You could dream that “one day” rejections will stop or that you’ll try again when “things are easier.

Or you could make today Day One and compete. Today, do what you know in your Competitor’s heart is right. Because your life is worth competing for.

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