by Jake Thompson

How to Never Let the Hard Days Beat You

We all have those BAD days where nothing seems to go our way. We m...
How to Never Let the Hard Days Beat You

How do you make sure the hard days don’t break you?

We all have those BAD days where nothing seems to go our way. We miss our alarm, we get rear-ended on the way to work, we might even hit our face on the barbell (stupid push jerk).

Everyone has those days.

The key is to not let one bad day turn into a second bad day...into a bad week...into a bad month...into a bad year. Most people do.

It's their excuse to let the negative momentum sweep them away.

But not Competitors - which means NOT YOU.

Here are four ways you can beat the hard days - no matter how hard they try to knock you down.

1. Find the positive in the day.

It's hiding in there, even on the worst of days. What's one good thing you had happen today? 

  • Did your favorite song start playing on the radio during your morning commute?
  • Did you beat your time on a previous workout?
  • Did you get an encouraging text from a friend?

Big or small, it doesn't matter - only that you find the positive from the chaos of the day.

2. Ask yourself: What's one thing I can learn from today?

This is the sucky part - looking back on a bad day and trying to find what you can learn from it. This especially sucks when a lot of the bad things that happened are outside of your control. That said, there's always a lesson if you're looking for it.

Flat tire - not your fault, but could you pay closer attention to what's on the road ahead of you?

Company eliminates your position - not your fault, but what can you do to a) create a larger rainy day fund, or b) create a side hustle to help ease any financial burdens when you lose a job.

Injured at the gym - maybe your fault, maybe not - however, what does it teach you about movements, rest/recovery, and now, patience in the healing process?

3. Take a Reset.

Give yourself a reset at the end of the day. Scream, cry, hit a nerf bat - just let it out, and then take a reset. Utilize a strong Midnight Rule to help you shake off the past day of headaches and shift your focus to what's next.

4. Take One Step Forward - Even if It's Barely Noticeable

Read one chapter of a book. Do 10 minutes of mobility. Watch a YouTube video on skill development. Invest a tiny amount of time to your growth so that when you go to bed, you can hit your head to the pillow knowing that no matter how hard life hit you, you still found the strength to move forward.

The Hard Days Won't Win If You Don't Let Them.

It's guaranteed that in the next 2 years you'll have a bad day. It's not guaranteed that the bad day will beat you. You 100% control your attitude, actions, & effort in response to the bad day. Competitors take the darkest of days and still crawl forward.

You can too. Compete Every Day.

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