by Jake Thompson

Drop Your Excuses

I LOVE the sound of bumper plates hitting the ground. You know the ...

I LOVE the sound of bumper plates hitting the ground.

You know the feeling, right? There’s nothing like completing a heavy lift, barbell and weighted bumper plates overhead, and then dropping it from the top – especially if it’s for a new personal record.

Lift the heavy weight, drop it when complete. It’s a simple formula that most of us complete multiple times per week in the gym.

And it’s one heckuva formula for a powerful mindset outside of the gym.

Drop the negative mindset. LIFT another’s spirits with encouragement.

Drop the “good enough.” LIFT your standards to pursue greatness.

Drop the doubts & fears. LIFT your courage.

And most importantly: Drop your excuses. LIFT your dreams.

Excuses are plenty. We can always find one if we want to look. Excuses are easy to give. Dreams are hard to reach. Everyone can make excuses – not everyone will pursue their dreams. As a competitor, we both know you don’t want the easy road – you want the most meaningful one.

Our newest release was created to evoke the power of your mindset to focus on your dreams and remove your excuses. Lift your dreams higher. Drop your excuses faster. Compete Every Day for your life.

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