by Jake Thompson

Avoid the Trap

Avoiding the Comparison Trap will allow you to compete at your best.
Avoid the Trap

The comparison trap will snag you if you're not intentional.

  • This company has hit _____ sales goal.⁣⁣
  • This person has an amazing new side hustle.⁣⁣
  • This podcast surpassed ____ downloads.⁣⁣

I LOVE that my friends & contacts are crushing their goals - but it’s hard some days to not to look at my own progress and wonder what I did “wrong” to not be at that same level.⁣⁣

Comparison robs us of the gratitude for what we’ve done & the motivation to do more.

Don’t let it.⁣⁣ Here's what I do instead when I feel the whispers of comparison creep in..

I get off my phone.⁣⁣

I make time to get a workout in.⁣⁣

I dive into a book I'm reading.⁣⁣

I force myself to focus on what steps I plan to finish taking this week.⁣ for a goal.

I continually train myself to focus on my lane, my race, & my community - and block out everything else.⁣⁣

If I’m living in comparison, I’m miserable & unable to show up for the community counting on me.⁣⁣

If I’m competing with myself, I’m living my mission & showing up in full for my family, friends, and community.⁣⁣

Let’s make a deal this week. I won’t live in comparison of what I see online if you don’t either. Deal?⁣⁣

I thought so.


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