by Jake Thompson

You’ve Got Today

There’s so much to do. It’s a feeling I get all too often. I’m over...
You’ve Got Today

There’s so much to do.

It’s a feeling I get all too often. I’m overwhelmed by everything I have to get done. Well, everything *I think* I have to get done. My to-do list never ends, and each time I feel like I’ve made headway on it, I end up adding more to it. There’s just so much to do and never enough time.

Does that sound familiar?

We know where we want to go. We see our big goal in the distance, but we have no idea how to get from here at the starting line to the finish. We look to our left and right and see mountains of things that are immediate and what we feel is pressing, but have little (or nothing!) to do with that goal. We don’t have enough time to get everything done for that goal today, so we do nothing.

I’ve been in this situation time and time again. I desire to do something specific, but I don’t have enough time to get it all done. So many times, I find myself distracted from the main goal and get nothing done. Can you relate?

It’s because my mindset is backwards.

I have the focus that I can’t get everything done and lose motivation to get anything done – when I should be saying, I can’t get everything done but I can get started and at least one thing done.

I have today. And for right now, in my journey, today is all I need to start.

Today is my day one.

No adventure book ever starts out where the entire journey – the start, the adversity, the victory – is all achieved on day one. But day one is the most crucial, because that is when our favorite adventurer starts. They don’t have everything figured out, they aren’t close to accomplishing it, but they see today as the start of their new journey and so they set out, determined to figure the rest out along the way.

You may not have everything figured out. You may not even know where the exact path is. But you have today.

And today is all you need to start.

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