by Jake Thompson

Why Compete?

I’ve always been one to revel in the thrill of competition. From a ...
Why Compete?

I’ve always been one to revel in the thrill of competition. From a young age, I only focused on sports and improving myself in that area to be a better player and teammate. As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed that each one of us, no matter our background or economic status, has to compete day in and day out.

Call it survival, but we daily fight for our lives.

Our relationships (family, friendships, loved ones, even our faith) would all wilt without our continued focus and energy in nurturing them. Just look at ruined relationships – one party usually gets tired of fighting and gives up and things begin to die. Our professional careers are the same way – do you really think your boss is going to pay you just to clock in and clock out without providing any value in the hours between? What about creating your own business or product?

Healthy competition is at the heart of every winner – in sports and in life. It is not about cutting corners, cheating, or disrespecting your opponents in an attempt to win. A true competitor is determined to work towards improving their skills and life – putting in the long, hard hours needed to break through plateaus and achieve success.

But competing goes beyond sports. Competing is about life.

One cannot be complacent with their faith, relationships, work, or even their health and expect to achieve great results or even sustain them. If you don’t work on these things you value every day, they regress. If you let them regress enough, eventually you’ll lose them.

The idea for Compete Every Day was born. Such a simple phrase that can mean so much to so many people. To one person, it’s a daily reminder to not take for granted the family he is lucky to have. To some, it’s the driving force behind their constant hustle to reach a lifelong dream. And to others, it’s a platform to share the faith they compete for every day.

Each of us are either progressing or regressing; we do not have the benefit (or curse!) of being stagnant in life. So why wouldn’t you compete for the betterment of yourself and those around you?

Each one of us has a life worth competing for. Maybe it’s not what you want it to be right now, but that just means you need to start fighting for where you want it to go. Maybe life’s just perfect. I promise you, it won’t stay perfect unless you compete to keep it that way. Relationships, like flowers, die without being tended to. But even when life is perfect right now, it is going to change. The wind will redirect itself from being at your back to blowing a full gale force wind in your face. What will you do then?

Back down and just wallow in defeat? Or stand up to whatever life throws at you and compete?

I encourage you to compete. To chase after the people, the dreams, the values you hold so dear. Don’t let them wither away from neglect.

86,400 seconds in a day.

Here’s to competing for every damn one of them.

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