by Kelly Fucheck

Take care of your body, mind and spirit.

We are living in a culture of on the go, never ending responsibilit...
Take care of your body, mind and spirit.

We are living in a culture of on the go, never ending responsibilities, duties, deadlines and drama. So many people to see and places to be can make it easy to let your health slip away without you even realizing it. No matter what your job, schooling or life may be, we are all extremely busy. Good news is that we can break it down and focus on just a few details to enhance our health.

Seven years ago I was a 32 year old wife and mom of one kind toddler boy and things were not going as planned.  My weight was the heaviest I had ever been and my mood was always middle of the road. I was just going through the motions and parenting from the couch. I was TIRED and stressed all of the time- as in just get me through the day so I can go to sleep.

On a Sunday morning in June, I woke up and headed to my bathroom. As I made my way into the closet my balance was impaired. When I rounded out of the closet and attempted to walk to my sink to splash some water on my face, my vision failed me, it felt like sacks of bricks were on my chest and the back of my neck stung hot. I started seeing swirls of colors in the mirror, I wasn't in the reflection but something was. I won't go into too many details but I will tell you that it never occurred to me that it was a stroke. And I waited two days to seek medical attention.

In these seven years since I have recovered, I've learned some key habits that have helped me lose and keep off over 60 pounds even with being blessed with a baby girl post stroke. They have helped me in mindfulness, in finishing several half marathons and in enjoying lifting and CrossFit. So my interest in sharing this with you is to hopefully help you in your fight for wellness and health. In thinking I was taking care of myself pre-stroke, now I know that I most certainly was not.

  1. Everyday test your limits. Run faster or farther, lift heavier or push harder. Physically test your limits to rewire your brain. In accomplishing something you felt like either giving up on or slacking on, it will give you a stronger sense of purpose and belief in yourself.
  2. Everyday perform some type of mindfulness or meditation. This doesn't mean I am saying go in a perfectly set up room and get on your yoga mat and om it out...I am simply saying take five minutes to focus on a goal of yours. Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and tell yourself you are doing this. When the scattered thoughts of all the items you need to accomplish that day start creeping in, focus on that one goal.
  3. Everyday eat real food. Simple. Feed your body with fuel, with real ingredients. Pass that down to your children, nephews, nieces etc. They are going to need that knowledge.
  4. Everyday drink your water. Simple. Skip the sugary drinks and go for water water water!
  5. Everyday express gratitude and smile. Simple.

So there it is, a nourished body can do amazing things. I truly believe your greatest wealth is your health.

Kelly Fucheck is a wife, mom of 2 beautiful children. At the age of 32 she survived a Stroke which changed her life forever. She now holds a CrossFit Level 1 and assists at TTR CrossFit and is Founder and Owner of Empowered Strides on her mission to help others in their wellness and fitness journeys.

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