by Jake Thompson

Halftime Reset

Consider taking five minutes today to evaluate 2024's halftime and ...
Halftime Reset

Can you believe that we are HALFWAY through this year?⁣

I can't. Time has flown by this year.⁣

Whether you're crushing your goals or if you've gotten complacency, know that there's still PLENTY OF TIME LEFT to write a strong ending.⁣

You still have six months to hit a goal, make progress in your career, and step up with the habits you WISH for.⁣⁣

How can you do it?⁣

⁣By focusing small.⁣

By asking yourself 3 simple questions:⁣

  1. ⁣What's one thing I want to achieve, build or be by the end of the year?⁣
  2. What's one daily action that if I took consistently, would help me get there or close to it?⁣
  3. What time tomorrow am I going to do that action?⁣⁣

Your small choices every day compound to create your big championships.⁣

Eyes off the ice above the water. Focus on building the iceberg beneath it.⁣

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