by Jake Thompson

Fear Is Boring

Best selling author Donald Miller wrote: “Fear is a manipulative em...

Best selling author Donald Miller wrote:

“Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life” (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years).

Let that sink in.

Fear traps you into living inside a box, only surrounding yourself with what is “safe” or “expected.” A person living in fear is afraid to venture out and has no concept of what it means to live on an adventure or “outside the box.” They fall in line, do as they’re told, and never question authority – no matter how right or wrong that authority is.

On the other hand, the fearless live a daring life. You can spot this person because you see in them something you want. You can’t quite place your finger on it, but awesomeness seems to “ooze” out of them. And you want it. They do not hold back. Rejection is to be expected, but they do not fear asking just because someone may say ‘no.’ The fearless are not afraid to chase their dreams and goals, seize opportunities, and attempt to do something bigger than themselves. Failure will not stop them, it will only educate them how to do it differently next time.

And most of all, the fearless are the ones who seize every breath of life they are given. Their deaths are mourned because, well, they simply lived life to its fullest and were not afraid to spend it on an adventure. Do you want a boring life, full of the same old thing, day after day? Or are you itching at your core for an adventure?

Nothing amazing ever came from playing it safe. Time to kick fear in the mouth and step out on the limb for the very first time. Today is your day – it could be your only opportunity – to seize greatness. Don’t let it pass you by. Compete.

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