by Jake Thompson

A Do-Over

In the book gods at war, author Kyle Idleman references a study giv...

In the book gods at war, author Kyle Idleman references a study given to a number of senior citizens. In the research study, the individuals were asked the simple question, “If you had life to live all over again, what would you do differently?” The individuals responded in their own words, but the general consensus Idleman shares is that three themes came from the responses:

  1. I would reflect more
  2. I would risk more
  3. I would do more things that would live on after I am dead.

For those wise men and women who have lived years most of us can only hope to reach, those three answers sum up the only things they would do differently. What’s as big in their answers is what you don’t see. You don’t see:

  • Work more hours at the office
  • Eat more broccoli
  • Not go on that adventure
  • Stick with my daily routine

Life is about living, not surviving. Leap off that ledge. Take the jump, even if you have to learn while falling down. You only get one life in this crazy world, so give it your all to make it count. Invest in people.  Turn your dreams into goals with due dates. Make every conversation count. Pour your time, energy, & finances into people & things that will live on well beyond your years. All it takes is the mindset to compete for your life – every single day.

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