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2011 Sucks

2011 is quickly coming to an end. For a lot of people, it’s been th...

2011 is quickly coming to an end. For a lot of people, it’s been their best year yet. But 2011 has been a rough year for a lot of people too. Heck, 2011 has been a rough year for me.

Financially I probably made half of what I made in 2010.  My largest client ran out of funding and had to cut all of its consulting contracts.  A lot of companies started bringing projects in-house. So between clients running out of funds to investing a lot of my own money into launching Compete, the budget has been tight for 2011. Relationships. Man, we don’t even want to go through the ups and downs of that between family divorce, deaths, and dating. Another story for another time.

Physically I’ve had one injury after another while starting CrossFit. I even ran my body to the ground to the point of getting shingles (And yes, I do realize that’s incredibly rare for a 28-year-old). Spiritually I even got into a rut for a bit and felt more distant from God than I had in ages.

So if anyone can say they’re looking forward to 2012 – it’s me. I kept laughing with my roommate that he and I cannot wait for 2012. But 2012 is still 58 days away. So why am I focused on January 1 when I’ve still got November 4, 2011 ahead of me?

Yes, 2011 has been rough. But it’s had some great moments. I lost a big contract. – I started Compete Every Day. I failed at dating – I made a ton of new friends. I kept getting hurt at CrossFit. – I can finally overhead squat and competed in a pair of competitions. I didn’t make as money as I did last year. – I survived financially and am blessed with friends and family that money can’t buy. There’s always a positive light in the midst of trouble.

And the beautiful thing is that no matter if this year has been good or bad to you… …2011 ain’t over yet. I keep saying 2012 is going to be the biggest year for me and that Compete is going to start taking leaps toward the vision I had when I started it. So why am I acting like it is? Why am I focused on next year when this year isn’t over yet? Why are you acting like it is? Why are you saying “Just wait ‘til next year…” This isn’t baseball. We won’t don’t have to until next year’s spring training to make something count.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Today is the perfect day to act. The perfect day to stop wishing for 2012 and the perfect day to start making 2011 better than what it has been up until this point. We all have 58 days. That’s 5,011,200 seconds. And each one of them count. So make each one of those 5+ million seconds count. Regardless of how the year has been up until this point, refuse to end 2011 on a down note. Our stories are never defined by the beginning. Our stories are always defined by how we finish.

We aren’t even promised to make it to 2012, so make the commitment to make 2011 count. Every Second. Every Day. Compete.

How will you finish 2011?

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