Compete Every Day in the News

Compete Every Day has been featured in the following publications, websites, and videos.

Compete Every Day” – The Triune (October 30, 2012)

Interview with Compete Every Day” – Chester Business & Innovation Law (January, 2013)

Three Tips for Team Building with Compete Every Day” – Chicago Examiner (January 8, 2013)

St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Shelby Miller representing Compete Every Day black wristband – Sports Illustrated cover (May 27, 2013)

How to Compete for the Best in Life” – Podcast interview with Diana Tyler of The Revolution of Health & Chief Encouragement Officer Jake Thompson

14 Tips for Oozing Awesomeness: Part 1” – Revolution of Health Podcast interview

Interview with What’s Brewin Sports Talk on The George Brew Show (10/22/13)

Companies Cashing In on Charlie Strong Shirts” – KXAN NBC News, Austin, Texas (01/06/14)

NBC News Dallas-Fort Worth Spotlights Compete Every Day’s “Texas Strong” – NBCDFW, Dallas, Texas (1/07/14)

J’Ville native ‘Texas Strong’” – Jacksonville Daily Progress (01/16/14)

Awakening the Competitor Inside” – (03/14/14)