by Jake Thompson

Who Do You Compete For?

A person on a mission can be difficult to defeat. That person is dr...

A person on a mission can be difficult to defeat. That person is driven, focused, and determined to win. If they are an individual on a quest for simply selfish gain, they can prove to be a strong adversary. But in the instance they are competing for someone else or something much larger than themselves, they are near unstoppable.

The power to compete for something much larger than selfish gain is the power of champions. Glory to God, honoring a fallen friend, or competing to save lives – when you choose to compete for something more than yourself, your fire becomes lit and your energy levels reach uncanny heights.

Take for instance Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer. Max is 15-1 on the season so far. Fifteen wins with only one loss. Unbelievable. But Max isn’t there to raise his own celebrity status. ESPN recently documented an incredible story about Max and the loss of his brother. It is truly one of those “who do you compete for” moments that Max is living each and every day.

We highly recommend you take a few minutes to read the entire story here. The story is a reminder that all of us should be competing for more. Doing more. Living more. And on a mission for something more than just ourselves.

Ask yourself today – who do you compete for?

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