by Jake Thompson

Three Ways to Finish 2019 Strong

There are 6 months left until 2020. This is a perfect time look ba...
Three Ways to Finish 2019 Strong

Dear Competitor, It’s your HALFWAY checkpoint for this year!

There are 6 months left until 2020.

This is a perfect time look back at the progress you’ve made/didn’t, adjust your daily process to fit your plan for the next 182 days, and then hit the ground running.

Just like in sports, if 2019 is kicking your butt and you’re losing big at halftime…there’s GOOD NEWS - it’s just half time.

A POWERFUL finish can easily overshadow a slow start, so come out of the second half on fire!

And just like in sports, if 2019 is going GREAT and you’re up big at half, don’t fall into the complacency trap and take your foot off the gas. Keep competing hard every day to make your second half even BETTER than your first.

Here are 3 things you can do to set up a big second half:


Do you have a big picture plan & daily process to help you win this year? If not, great - you still have time to make one. Our biggest wins are the results of the small choices we make every day - it’s the little things each morning that add up📈 over time. Spend 30 minutes one morning or evening this week planning how you want things to be on 12/31 and then work backwards to figure out what you need to do each morning to get there.


Grab a friend/coworker/online stranger to hold you accountable to working your plan. It’s nearly impossible to succeed (in business, in health, in life, etc…) without someone(s) holding you accountable to doing the work and being the person you said you wanted to be - so make sure you have that person and ASK THEM to hold you up to the standard.

Never Let a Losing Streak Start.

We all have bad days - the key is to not have two of them in a row. No matter how hard things get, COMMIT to yourself that you’ll keep competing and even if you lose Monday, you won’t Tuesday. Take one step forward every day, make progress, and break up any chance of a losing streak before it ever gets momentum.

The next 6 months could be the best 6 months of your life....

But you have to Compete Every Day for them!

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