by Jake Thompson

This Thing Helps Determine Your Motivation

What you focus on determines what level of "feeling motivated" yo...
This Thing Helps Determine Your Motivation

Distractions constantly call to us.

"Priorities," products, & people constantly clamor for our attention.

Our focus is under attack every single day by things that don't have our best interests at heart.

Most times, we allow our focus to wander. We allow ourselves to become distracted. We allow ourselves to lose sight of why we started after a specific goal. We forget that our focus is still 100% up to us.

We choose each day what we will focus on.

Will we focus on gratitude, being present, and our purpose? Or will focus on what we don't have, what someone else is doing, or where we aren't quite yet in life? Only one fuels us, while the other focus drains us.

And we get to decide which we will focus on.

It's a choice.

Running my first half-marathon taught me that we don't complete races by focusing solely on the finish line. We complete races by focusing on the next step.

We complete big goals not by focusing on the end goal every day, but understanding why we want that goal - and then focusing on what step we can take today to get closer to it.

It's hard to lose motivation for a big goal that's still a year (or more) away, when your focus is locked into what specifically you're going to do today to get closer to it.

Don't allow the world to derail you today. Instead of focusing on what's outside of your control - or how far *that* goal is - lock into what one thing you can do today to wake up tomorrow closer to the goal.

Today can be yours, Compete for it.

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