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There Will Always Be Haters

There Will Always Be Haters

It doesn’t matter how good you are, there will always be haters.

Take for instance Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame voting:

  • 3 people didn’t vote for Ken Griffey Jr
  • 6 didn’t for Nolan Ryan
  • 8 for Cal Ripken Jr
  • 9 for Hank Aaron


Some idiot with a vote decided he’d rather be a hater because of something off-the-field or how an athlete handled an interview than vote one of the best ever into the Hall.

Be encouraged that even the best ever - those who’s work on the field is UNTOUCHABLE - still has their share of trolls and haters.

So be free from the burden of trying to get everyone to like you, to approve of you, or to follow your work.

And to be honest, you have better things to do than to give your time, energy, or focus to the trolls.

Focus on what you control:

  • Your effort,
  • Your attitude, and
  • Your actions

And block out everything else.

Blinders on. Press onward. Compete Every Day

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