by Jake Thompson

The Best Embrace the Challenge

Champions know the work to winning won't be easy. They still choo...
The Best Embrace the Challenge

It's hard work to show up when you're not motivated.

It's hard work to put yourself back out there after failing.

It's hard work to ignore critics, fight inner doubts, & still give your best.

It's damn hard.

The best still choose to do it.

The best know that if they don't, it's still hard.

It's hard to get any momentum when you only show up once a week or month when you feel motivated.


It's hard to live with regret for the goals you didn't go after.

Life is hard.

Average people want it to be easy. It's the only time they show up.

Champions know it won't be easy. They still choose to show up.


Because you can endure the hard now and win later or you can avoid the hard now and hurt later. You decide. 

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