by Jake Thompson

The 3 Things That Define Us

These three actions define who we are every single day. What are ...
The 3 Things That Define Us

You and I are defined by our actions. Those behaviors that we choose every day make us, us.

There are three specifically that define our ability to be Competitors.

What you Repeatedly Do

Our daily habits create our successes (or failures). What we choose - and what we allow - to compound over time sets us up to seize opportunities or lose them. What's the most important small daily habit you want to be building this year?

How You Treat Others

Humans were made for community. How we spend time with others, connect with them, and treat them speaks volumes. Kindness costs nothing. Encouragement costs nothing. Treating others who can give us nothing back, costs nothing. Yet all of those things greatly help another. How can you treat someone better today than you did last week?

What You Do When No One is Watching

Racking the shopping cart. Picking up your weights. Cleaning the bathroom sink. What you do when no one is watching is a great precursor to the quality you'll do when everyone is. Take pride in what you do, every time. Live your values when you have an audience and when you don't

These three actions define us because it speaks to the core of who we are - and the values we believe in. 

Are you proud of your three? 

If you are, keep building on them. We're never too good that we can't get better.

If you're secretly disappointed in how you handle one, plant your foot and pivot directions. Today's the only day you need to get started.

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