by Jake Thompson

Struggle with Average

To struggle with something doesn't mean to lose to it.
Struggle with Average

To struggle with something doesn't mean to lose to it.

Most of us mistakenly believe that if you struggle with something, that you automatically are giving into it. In reality, struggle means:

"to contend with an adversary or opposing force."

It means to fight, to battle, and to compete against an opposing force, like being average.

Most people are submitting to that opposing force. They feel the first sign of struggle...

  • Pit in their stomach
  • Uncomfortable thoughts from being outside their comfort zone
  • Adversity

And instead of struggling with it to overcome it, they submit to it. They accept being average.

Champions see struggle as an opportunity to win because it's forcing you outside of your comfort zone into your growth zone.

If you aren't struggling to achieve your goals, you've set average goals. Change them and make them bigger.

There can be no meaningful progress without a struggle. If you aren't struggling - competing against an opposing force that wants you to stay in comfort - then you aren't growing.

Embrace the struggle. Then win it.

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