by Jake Thompson

Sharing the Stage

What are you doing to share your stage with someone else climbing?
Sharing the Stage

I recently came across this clip on YouTube. (Warning, NSFW language).

In the clip, comic Andrew Schulz invites an audience member onstage who wanted to tell a joke. I was fascinated by it because for most comics, the stage is sacred.

They've worked for years to be able to command a large audience for stand-up. They've worked tiny clubs, empty bars, and small rooms building their skills and improving their performance.

It takes a TON of work to be able to do stand-up in a theater.

And in one moment, Schulz decides to have fun and share his stage for 5 minutes with a guy just trying to win a bet by telling a joke.

It got me thinking.

One, that's pretty awesome.

Two, how often are we looking to share our stage with someone else?

We've busted our butt to get to where we are. Perhaps we're still busting it trying to get where we want to be. We've got a captive audience. We've earned their attention.

And we're just going to share it all with someone who can't pay us back?


Because that's a sign of leadership. Helping someone else who can't pay you back. Making a difference comes in all different types of opportunities:

  • Connecting two strangers you know that would benefit each other's business.
  • Hosting a friend with a small audience on your podcast or show that has a large audience.
  • Giving a shoutout on social media to your friend's new company or art.

It doesn't have to be a long-term assist. It doesn't have to be much more than being open to say "there's room enough for more of us on this stage" and opening doors.

You've got a stage right now.

It may not be as big as you want. It may not be as powerful as you think it needs to be. But it's your stage.


How can you share to help someone else?


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