by Jake Thompson

Play for Tomorrow

Why winners play the long game.
Play for Tomorrow

Play the long(er) game.

You can make progress today. If you put in the work now, you'll inch toward your big goal.

It's impossible to get there today. Your meaningful goal isn't going to be achieved in 24 hours. It takes longer than that.

So you have to show up today and play for tomorrow's positioning.

Where you start tomorrow is determined by what work you get done today.

Average people fail to show up consistently because "I can't get it all done today so I won't get anything done."

Champions show up every day because "I know I won't get there in the future unless I find a way to show up today. I'll then have something better to stack tomorrow ontop of."

The long game isn't always the fun game in the moment.

It's always the fun game at the end though because it's the only one with victory.

Show up today.

Give it your best.

Make tomorrow's starting position better because of what you did today.

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