by Jake Thompson

Perfect is a Myth

Waiting for a perfect time ends up costing more than if you'd sta...
Perfect is a Myth

No one is perfect.

Most people waste their time (aka, life) waiting for perfect.

A perfect time to start a business.

A perfect date on the calendar to start after my goal.

A perfect opportunity to just fall in their laps.

They believe that "perfect" is out there for the taking, and if they wait long enough, it'll come to them.

And those same people wonder will say it's a "lucky break" that others succeeded. Those same others who didn't wait for perfection and just went to work.

You don't have to be perfect. Actually, you don't even have to be close to good when you start. I wasn't.

But you do have to start.

Get the ugly reps out of the way now so you've got strong, great reps later. But you'll never get to where you are great at something until you work to get to good.

And you'll never get to good until you get through the gross.

You're wasting precious time waiting on perfect. Make today the one where you say "no more" and get started on your Day One.

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