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My Day One

Each week, we share positive motivation to encourage you to press o...
My Day One

Each week, we share positive motivation to encourage you to press onward this week. But some weeks, you don’t need a motivational quote, a picture, or a great shirt. You just need to see a picture of what’s possible. Like the following images submitted by Competitors of their “Day One” and today.

Kristina Hershey (@hersheyk1591) shares a picture from her very first CrossFit competition, a Rookie Rumble, from April2017 (she got second in the beginner division!). The second pictures is 10 months in (and “never looking back” as she says).

Kristina Hershey Kristina Hershey

Alex Bellemarre (@AlexBellemarre) is a Canadian weightlifter. Last month he beat three junior and one senior Canadian records in the 77 kg category. He wanted to share a picture of himself in 2002 (Day one) and a picture from last month in 2017. “I went from a little kid to the best Canadian weightlifter in 77 category).

Alex Bellemarre Alex Bellemarre

Melanie Zimmerman shares her before and after pics from her fitness journey (Great work!).

Melanie Zimmerman

Crystal Flores (@crystal_lite09) submitted a picture of her first CrossFit Open in 2014, and another from this year’s 2017 CrossFit Games Open.

Crystal Flores  Crystal Flores

Hilda Tateosian (@hildatate) shares the picture on left (20lbs into her weight loss journey) and one of the right from today!

  Hilda Tateosian

Juan Cabungcal (@cabungcaljp) shared his fitness & weight-loss transformation from Day One to right now.

Juan Cabungcal

Juan Cabungcal

Amanda Ghent reached out with this short note:

“Now, I have not lost a crazy amount of weight, given up a horrible habit and moved to exercise, or thought I’d join some crazy wild diet and routine.

HOWEVER, I’ve worked my tail off over the last 10 months for JOY.

Last summer (left, 2016), I was exhausted in every way possible. I was tired of working, the day in and day out stuff. I was tired from being mommy all of the time. I was tired of not feeling like I had met my husbands needs. I was tired of not knowing what purpose I had professionally. I felt grumpy and frumpy. I wasn’t happy.

I picked up running a bit more, set a few goals, trained every day, became a triathlete, far surpassed said goals, and started creating big dreams. Now (the girl on the right) is filled with JOY-that isn’t a fake smile in that photo. I’m running 4-6 times a week (25-40 miles), and will start training for a full marathon in the summer. I have tons more energy, my body is STRONG and all I want to do is motivate people.”

Amanda Ghent

Christina Hehemann shared her journey back after having her second child. “August 1st was 1 month and a half post second baby, and the second picture was me beginning of May 2017.”

Christina Harbridge

And this last one? That’s my very first Compete Every Day booth at the 2012 CrossFit Games South Regional and below it is our booth from 2016. We all start somewhere, and this is mine.

2012 Compete Every Day booth

CED booth 2016

We ALL can have a Day One, but most people don’t ever choose to start. Competitors however, always have a Day One because Competitors take action.

Don’t let your “one day” go on forever. Make a stand. Create your Day One.

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