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Monday Motivation: Pressure Creates Diamonds

Pressure creates diamonds. Fire refines gold. – Trip Lee

A 2001 study by the University of Buffalo found that “subjects with a history of some lifetime adversity showed lower distress, fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress, and higher life satisfaction” (Wall Street Journal). In fact, those with early life diversity were shown to have developed a “psychological immune system” able to take on obstacles & tough times much better than their counterparts who had never been “tested” by life. Those with two to four adverse events in their lifetime appeared to be best off.

Similar to the information shared by Ryan Holiday in “The Obstacle is the Way,” (affiliate link) the struggle is what makes us stronger for our journey. The obstacle is actually what we need to move toward instead of run from.

Just like a weightlifter needs to break down their muscles through intense training in order to make them bigger, we must walk through the fires of life’s adversity in order to strengthen our resilience. Whatever obstacle you face this week, know that through it, you will be stronger for tomorrow.

Today is your day – Compete for it.

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