by Jake Thompson

Monday Motivation: Make Moves

“I got two choices when I do this – make moves or make excuses.” – ...

“I got two choices when I do this – make moves or make excuses.” – Andy Mineo

Life always gives you two options: press onward or make excuses for why you can’t. There will always be something we can use as an excuse. They are too easy to come by and too prevalent to not notice them. Anyone can make excuses as to why they can’t pursue something.

It’s too late. I’m too old. I’m not that lucky. Blah. Blah. Blah. The list could go on forever. And anyone could make them. But not everyone will make.

Certainly not you – a competitor.

Your only choice is to make moves. If plan A doesn’t work and you have to change direction, you compete and avoid excuses. If plan D didn’t work out, you evaluate why, learn from it, and start again on plan E. A rare few people in life taste great success – and that is because they refused to make excuses for their situation and instead focused on making moves to change it.

This week, make moves. Throw away the excuses. And compete for your life.

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