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Monday Motivation: Knock As Long As It Takes

Are you willing to bang on the door of success no matter how long i...

Are you willing to bang on the door of success no matter how long it takes to get that door to open? I was blown away by something shared during an interview between successful entrepreneur Marie Forleo and actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

You may have seen Bryce in The Help, Jurassic World, and a number of other movies. She has had a great career so far, and it is only getting bigger. But did you know….

Working actors and actresses – not someone starting out for the first time, but people in Hollywood that have landed roles before – do you know how many times they go on auditions before they land a role? These are individuals who have already acted in a movie or series.

For just one role.

It takes an average of 63 auditions to land. That’s right. You get sixty-two no’s before you get that one “yes.”

Look at your own journey. How often do you just give up after just 1 “no?” How about two, five, or ten “no’s?” At the point of 10, most of us walk away. We are so frustrated and dejected from hearing “no” and  seeing a door slammed in our face that we are no longer willing to keep pressing onward.

But someone that is working in Hollywood? They are going to bang on that door more than sixty times. And guess what? The ones that realize it’s a matter of numbers will keep banging on that door until someone finally opens it. Boom! They land an audition.

That’s how it works. That’s how a majority of actors/actresses land their roles. By continuing to show up audition after audition until someone says yes – no matter how many “no’s” they hear prior.

Now, the numbers for that statistic must be even more staggering when you factor in someone that isn’t even in Hollywood – someone that’s never done a role. I bet they are having to bang on the door over a 100 times just to get in and get a foot inside that door crack to create a role within a film.

But us? How many of us give up on our dreams after hearing 1, 2, or 10 “no’s”? Shit. We got to keep banging that door until someone opens. We have to demand someone open the door. Be violent with how you bang on that door. Use your fist to beat on the door. Refuse to be denied.

Do not let a single “no” stop you. Do not let a door slamming in your face deter you off your path for your goal and the success you want to create in your life.

Heck, if you want it, you know what I am going to say. You better compete for it. And one door slammed in your face is worth overcoming, 10 doors slammed in your face is worth overcoming.

Your goals that you have set, the dreams in your head, and the vision you have for your life are more important than a “no” and door being slammed in your face.

Wear that person down. Make them tell you “no” to your goals a thousand times. Make them tell you “no” until they are so tired for telling you “no,” they open the door and give you an opportunity to prove yourself and reach your goals.

That’s your motivation for this week. That’s where your focus should be.

Be relentless in your pursuits and make it your best week yet.

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