by Jake Thompson

Love to Walk

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Love to Walk


"The man who loves walking will travel farther than the man who just loves the destination."

How can I fall in love with the work?

That's a question I get asked as a keynote speaker by audience members after a session on embracing the process in order to achieve excellent results.

None of us love the work they say.

They're right.

There's always an aspect of work that we don't love.

For me, it's dealing with airport security lines or consistent outbound calls. I LOVE the work of crafting content and being on stages teaching, but aspects that are required to get there aren't always as enjoyable.

That said, I've trained myself to love the boring, daily work because I can build confidence knowing each day I've worked, I've gotten better.

So what's the magic key?

1. Write down every day's progress step.

Most people forget how far they've come because they haven't tracked their steps. It's like working out.

After a month in the gym, you probably haven't hit your weight-loss goal - but have you gone from an empty barbell to weights? Do your pants fit better? It's the small progress steps that we track that help keep us motivated to continually show up and remind us that even if we aren't at our goal yet, we're making progress every day we show up and work.

2. W.I.N.

"What's important now?" Focus on what's in your control and what you need to do today. This will force you to think of the most productive next step instead of letting your focus drift toward a future outcome - or the entire road left required to reach it.

3. Reframe your self talk.

Remind yourself of what you're doing and have yet to achieve. Encourage yourself each time you choose discipline over an excuse or how motivated you feel. Use your inner voice to enjoy the work you get to do instead of what it tells you that you have to do. 

4. Reflect back each month on your growth.

It's impossible to embrace your progress if you don't take time to reflect on it. Review your notes. Re-read your journal. See where you've grown over the last 30 days and set an intention for where you want to grow over the upcoming 30 days.

The work in the process is what matters because it's in the process you find joy - not the destination.

Learn to love walking more than you do just winning, and you'll find that you end up winning more than those who hate the walk.

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