by Jake Thompson

LIFT A Competitor

We all hit roadblocks on the journey to success. Some of us trip ov...

We all hit roadblocks on the journey to success. Some of us trip over a pothole, others get distracted toward a detour, and a few of us hit a wall. A giant, painful wall that knocks us flat, deflates our spirits, and leaves us scrambling to try and get back to our feet.

This post is for those sitting in that position – and for any one who has ever been in their shoes.

Our goal at Compete Every Day is to “provide competitors with positive motivation for any of life’s obstacles & the highest quality apparel to win those battles.” And make no mistake, we are all competitors.

This week we are taking the time to recognize people in the community and those they know by sending a free shirt to select individuals in serious need of positive motivation for the battle they are currently facing. We need you to meet this goal & encourage those competitors. 

Do you know someone currently needing a positive push forward? Perhaps they recently lost a family member, a job, or failed in the pursuit of a big goal. Maybe their inner fire has dwindled after repeated stumbles, or they’ve yet to embrace the same mindset of competing you have. If you know someone that meets the above description and is in serious need of positive motivation, now’s your chance to help with a simple email.

How it works: Click here to complete the simple nomination application: nominee’s name and 2-3 sentences why you nominated this individual. It’s that easy.

Each month, our team will review all submissions and select a number of nominees, mailing each out a small bundle that includes a new Compete shirt & some positive motivation.

Take 2 minutes. Make someone’s week, and help provide them the spark necessary to get back on the right track of competing for their life.

Click here to nominate a competitor

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