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Leave Your Mark

What are you going to make of 2017? That’s a big question that most...

What are you going to make of 2017?

That’s a big question that most of us procrastinate answering until 2017 is already upon us. We get into the new year and then start planning what we want to make of it. We “wing it” in terms of our big plan instead of “setting the table” in preparation of what we want to accomplish.

But this year could be the year done differently – 2017 could be done in way that allows you to leave a powerful mark on it. This could be your year.

Are you’re willing to Compete for it?Each year, we outline our three words for the upcoming year. You can see most post for 2016 here. Those three words become my focus for the year and help solidify the year entire plan around it. I spend time visualizing my big goal for the 2017 year – every single detail seen in my mind. I don’t necessarily know how to reach every point yet, but I see where I want to go, what mark I want to leave, and I map it out.

Then I work backwards, little by little, to outline how to get there from here. I may skip a step, or I may leave a space blank for now because I don’t know how to connect the two, but I keep outlining. I’ll go back and fill in the empty spaces later, but I need to see exactly what I want to do this year so that I set a firm direction toward my “north star” goal 5-10 years down the road.

I can’t afford to waste one month, much less one year. So I must make a plan to leave my mark on the coming year so that I CAN leave a mark on the coming year. A positive mark isn’t made without intention – but a negative one can be.

What mark do you want to make on the coming year? Who’s life do you want to impact or what dream do you want to finally accomplish? How will you leave your mark?

We created our first preorder of 2017 and the initial shirt in our Legendary Membership Program to set a powerful theme for the coming year. It is your reminder to be intentional in word and action this year and LEAVE YOUR MARK on your relationships, community, career, and life in 2017.

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