by Jake Thompson

Leave That *Should* Behind

We all have something we keep telling ourselves we *should* do tod...
Leave That *Should* Behind

The burden of "should" can be overwhelming.

It's like we're carrying a list of (ever-increasing) weight with everything we tell ourselves *should* be doing right now during quarantine.

I really should workout today.

I really should listen to that new podcast.

I really should stop drinking every night.

I should.

I should.

I should.

The Issue with "Should"

We all have something we keep telling ourselves we *should* do/don't do this month. Whether it's a workout, learning, side-hustling, or simply detoxing from social media, there's a big problem with the *should* we tell ourselves.

Using "should" decreases our ability to do the very action we think we need to do.

Many studies have shown that our continued use of "should" does more to prevent us from doing what we believe is necessary than helping us. So what do we do?

Try this instead.

What could it look like if we cut out *should* and replaced it with a different word?

Instead of "I should workout today," try "I get to workout today" or "I could use this time to get closer to my goal."

Instead of "I should really stop sleeping in," try telling yourself "I could use an extra 15 minutes to work on what I believe is most important in the big picture."

Instead of carrying the weight of "should," try dropping it off and picking up "get to" instead. This simple replacement of words helps us stay personally empowered and helps reframe your thoughts from a burden of what you *should* do to the blessing & gratitude of what you have the opportunity to get to do.

You get to win your day today Competitor, I'm cheering for you to get after it.

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