by Jake Thompson

Kill Your Excuses

Excuses don’t make deposits into your bank account, and they sure a...
Kill Your Excuses

I can give you an excuse every single day.

I can tell you why I’m too tired to wake up early enough to workout in the morning. I can lie to both of us and believe I’m not smart enough to write that blog post. I can tell you that I’m too old and it’s too late. I can trick myself into believing that because I didn’t start earlier, I probably shouldn’t start now.

I can create an excuse at any given second. It's easier than actually doing what I NEED to.

But excuses don't get the job done.

Excuses don’t make deposits into your bank account, and they sure aren’t worth talking about. Excuses will always be there. Everyone’s got them. And most everyone uses them.

All of the time.

But excuses don't create Champions.

And Champions don’t create excuses.

So this month, I’m challenging you to finally get rid of those excuses you’ve so effortlessly used before.

I want you to kill them. Bury them deep.

And never look back.

You can be someone who makes excuses. Or be a Competitor who WINS without them.

You decide who you're going to be.



Take the Challenge:

Share on social media how YOU will KILL YOUR EXCUSE this month and start taking action. Use hashtags #KillYourExcuses & #CompeteEveryDay for a chance to win free gear!

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