by Jake Thompson

How to Maximize Your Future Opportunities

Learn how to make the most of your future moments to win them.
How to Maximize Your Future Opportunities

Competitors make the most of their opportunities.

There's two ways to make the most of our opportunity. The one you're probably thinking of is your moment.

You know, that big shining opportunity that you're working toward. That one.

We all want to own the spotlight when we get it. We all want to thrive when pressure is high. We all want to excel when all eyeballs are on us. It's the moments we dream of.

The only one way to maximize that moment is to maximize this one.

The moment when you're stuck working from home with zero motivation to do the work on your goals.

The moment when you're debating if you want to push yourself in the gym or just go through the moments.

See, those moments are the ones we must maximize in order to capitalize on the big ones.

I started realizing this when my schedule began to fill up.

When I was single and traveling for trade shows, I could easily pop into my gym in the morning to lift and then head back for cardio and accessory work. 

I could spend all hours at the gym and break my training up into segments to make sure I got everything in that I wanted to.

As I got older, I didn't have that luxury. My schedule became more full with meetings and client engagements. If I wanted to workout, I needed to go once in the morning (usually early).

If I really wanted to hit my fitness goals, I needed to maximize my one hour in the gym to squeeze the most out of my training.

    • No coasting or half-ass effort
    • No just going through the motions
    • No time to waste - get in, get loose, and train.

I've taken the same philosophy to my work. I set timers on my phone when I start a project, giving myself a deadline to complete a task in.

It works with relationships too, maximizing every dinner, conversation, or experience instead of just going through the motions of things as I had before.

By maximizing these small moments that are easy to overlook, we're preparing ourselves for the big moments that await ahead.

Don't coast through today's workout.

Don't nonchalantly get through today.

Attack it. Maximize your effort in it. Compete to give it all you've got.

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