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How to Be a GOAL Getter

I love Goal Getters. Because they're the ones taking action, tak...
How to Be a GOAL Getter

Goal Getters get it done.

Everyone has goals. Every single person you talk to has a goal they would like to reach one day. They believe it's their goal.

Yet 92% of them rarely ever do a damn thing to reach it.

Those aren't goals - they're dreams.

Dreams are the worst.

It's easy to be a dreamer.

There's no work involved. You literally just think about how great it will be one day when "____" magically happens. On occasion, you'll talk about how nice it will be "if ______ happens." You might even share your dream with a friend, but that's the extent of it. You don't really expect it to happen.

"Wouldn't it be nice if..." is usually how dreams start. There's zero risk, zero chance of failure, and zero chances of you getting hurt by just dreaming.

And there is zero opportunity for you to ever reach that dream by simply dreaming about it.

Dreams are dreamed about. Goals are pursued.

Competitors are doers - not dreamers. They set goals and then go get them. It's the definition of a "Goal Getter:"

Someone who strives to achieve their ultimate goal.

Goal Getters aren't content simply talking about their goals. They don't allow them to be simply dreams that would be "nice to have" - no! Goal getters take action, every day, for their goals.

I love Goal Getters.

Because they're the ones taking action, taking a risk, and putting feet to the pavement to make things happen. They're not the ones you get tired of hearing of what they'll do "one day". No! Because they're too busy making things happen today.

Sounds envious doesn't it? It should. 

Because if you're anything like me, you're happy to let the rest of the world talk about their dreams. You want to smash some goals.

So how do you become a GOAL Getter?

A Goal Getter is identified by their actions. Want to be a Goal Getter too? Start applying these actions - every day - in your life for your goal.

1. Have a very clear goal.

Let's say you want to go get the goal of "becoming stronger" in 2018. That's great - but it's not a very clear goal. Maybe you want to get a little stronger. Maybe a ton stronger. What’s the difference in those two? If you don’t set a specific goal, you cannot have anything to aim at.

Clear goals are specific. Instead of saying "I want to get stronger," focus on very specific measurables of strength. Stronger can be:

  • I want to gain 20lbs on my back squat personal best
  • I want to clean and jerk 300lbs
  • I want to run a faster 5k time
  • I want to be create a morning routine of waking up before 6am every day.

No matter what the goal is, be very specific so you know what target you're aiming at before you start pursing it.

2. Plan It

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

Get the picture yet? You have to have a plan if you want to be a Goal Getter. A great plan will always include:

  • The Goal
  • Course of action to reach the goal
  • Deadline to hit the goal
  • Daily plan to ensure the above 3 are kept

At this point, many people revert back to being dreamers instead of Goal Getters. The idea of creating a step-by-step plan overwhelms them. They look at trying to do everything all at once and instead of taking small bites, they choke on the entire picture. 

If this sounds familiar, stop! Don't turn back to dreaming just yet. I want you to try two things:

1. Start at the goal and work backwards, or

2. Think of one small thing you can do today that helps you reach that ultimate goal.

There's two options to reach a great goal as a Goal Getter.

Option 1 - you reverse engineer the journey, starting at the end and step by step working backwards until the present.
Option 2 - take account of where you are this exact moment. What is one small thing you can do right now, today, that will help you be one step closer to your goal tomorrow? Do it. Then look at it, if you did that action today, what's one small thing you can do tomorrow to get one more step closer? Do it.

Pursuing your goals may be an endurance sport - but it's still run one step at a time.

Know the goal. See the goal clearly. Go get the damn thing.

3. Share It.

Make it real by sharing it. I always recommend two ways of doing sharing your goals as a Goal Getter.

1. Create a vision board. There's a reason these devices are popular - and powerful. Vision boards are ways you can daily visualize your goal - and be encouraged by it. You share it with yourself every time you see it, and it provides a North Star by which you can maintain focus to go get your goals.
2. Create your accountability circle. Tell those you trust what your goal is and why you're pursuing it. Different from talking about dreams, this is about confiding in someone you respect your goal and how you're going to reach it - then asking for help staying accountable throughout the process. Tell one friend, two, or maybe ten - but every Goal Getter has their accountability circle to keep them on track in the instance they lose focus or get derailed. 

4. Persevere

per·se·vere: to remain steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Being a Goal Getter is similar to being an ultra-endurance athlete - it's not something you're going to get done overnight. It's an ultra-marathon, not Olympic 200m sprint.

Goal Getters remain steadfast in their pursuit during the times of discomfort or when they feel as though they've been running forever and still not close.

Goal Getters understand mistakes happen on the course - but they get back up each time and persevere for the greater goal.

Goal Getters aren't looking for the magical "overnight success" because they're too busy taking action every single day for their real, tangible goal.

92% of people talk about their goals each new year. Only 8% actually do something about them.

Be one of the few who competes. Go get your goals.


I love this write up.

Tolulope Seye

Great suggestions. Love the reverse goal achieving suggestion. Love the name Goal Getter.

Good job!!

Wanda Denny

I really needed to read this today; Thank you for writing it!
Like you said dreaming is safe, but I’m working on being in that 8%.😁 Also, those a great tools to break it down and hold myself accountable, since those are everyday task that are realistic and achievable. I just shared with my family!
Keep it up I look forward to reading your blog!!


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