by Jake Thompson

Get More Reps In

You only get better by getting in more reps.
Get More Reps In

Get more intentional reps in.

Marines practice entering & clearing a building hundreds of times in a safe, controlled environment. They have a specific system and method to how they enter, how they clear a room, and how they protect each other.

They practice rep after rep after rep until they can execute with their eyes closed before they ever step into a live battlefield to clear a building.

Quarterbacks practice their dropback footwork thousands of times - without ever passing a football - so that the movement away from the line of scrimmage becomes second nature.

The less they think about their drop, the more they can focus on their receivers and executing the play correctly.

The more practice reps you get for something, the more confidence you build at doing it - and the better you can be at it.

We don't get from never doing something to being great at it.

We don't even get to being good at something if we only put in a practice rep here or there.

It has to be intentional, consistent, and quality.

Weightlifting. Keynote speeches. Sales calls. Any skill you want to be great at requires consistent, intentional reps.

So if you want to be better at it, you better be making time this week to get your reps in at it.

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