by Jake Thompson

Feeling Motivated Isn't Required to Win

Feeling motivated isn't actually necessary in order to take actio...

We don't need to feel something in order to act.

Feeling motivated isn't actually necessary in order to take action toward your goals.

As Dr. Gabana shared with me, feeling grateful isn't required in order to practice gratitude (and build that muscle).

We've been tricked into believing that we need to feel a certain way in order to take action or build said muscle, which is entirely false.

Feeling motivation is great in getting you moving, but how many people scroll Instagram, see a great quote, feel better, AND THEN DO NOTHING?


It's what makes social media so dangerous. We trick our minds into feeling better, but we fail to follow it up with action.

Champions aren't looking for a feeling. They're making their one step forward, regardless of how they feel today.

Want to be more confident? Do the work that you fear. 

Want to be more grateful? Write down something you're grateful for each day, even when you don't feel especially grateful.

Want to be a Champion? Commit to taking action that builds the future you want regardless of how you feel today.

Feelings aren't required to get your goals. Action is.

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