by Jake Thompson

Easy Won't Make You Proud

It's not the small things we do in life that inspire others, nor ...
Easy Won't Make You Proud

The road isn't easy. 

The difficult is the calling card of a road to something better.

Difficult choices between the comfort of what is and the courage to find out what could be.

Difficult conversations with friends who don't believe in growing with you.

Difficult internal monologues trying to silence that inner critic who grows louder the farther you step away from what you know and toward the unknown.

You've heard me say time and time again, but the easy doesn't make us proud. It's not the small things we do in life that inspire others, nor is it the effortless that makes a great impact.

However, to become who we desire to be - our fully tapped potential - we need to journey through the difficult.

This isn't some constant grind that sucks every single day - it is instead the idea of pushing the boundaries of where you've lived comfortable into something new. That discomfort you feel in your stomach when trying something for the first time.

It's only by leaning into that discomfort time and time again that we grow.

So if you feel fired UP today to get after this week and before the day's end, feel that sinking feeling in your stomach that this is uncomfortable, be encouraged that you're on the right path.

One of the best ways to navigate the challenges of growing from who you are today into who you were made to be is to have a clearly defined purpose or WHY statement. It is your...

  • the reason you believe this journey is necessary,
  • goal you believe you have to achieve,
  • relationships you want to impact by succeeding.

Keep competing to beat yesterday.

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