The Mindset That Separates Winners

Earn Your Influence

Earn Your Influence

Building influence is like building a strong bank account.

You have to make small, consistent deposits every day to slowly build the account into a large sum.

$10 here. $25 there. $12 this time. etc..

Small amounts that we don’t think too much on their own, but compounded over time? Big impact.

Relationships work the same way.

What deposits are you making with your coworkers today?

  • Do you know much about their life outside of the office – and ask them about it?
  • Have you asked about their passions in life?
  • Have you considered introducing them to someone in your network?

It’s great to want influence, but we can’t magically snap our fingers and have it. It’s something we earn by investing in the relationships with those around us.

My middle school football coach always said “if you can get to a player’s heart, you can get to their head.”

It’s true. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Once they know how much you care, you can influence and impact them.

What small deposit will you make today in them?

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