by Jake Thompson

Do You Want to Even Be Coached?

The best in their field want to be coached.
Do You Want to Even Be Coached?

The best do.

The best in their sports, industry, lane want to be coached. They want outside guidance on how they can improve and continue to stay the best.

“I’m a huge believer in being coached. It makes a huge difference. I like to be coached. I get frustrated when I’m not coached or corrected on a mistake that I have made.” - Peyton Manning

Somewhere along the way, many of us forgot that.

We felt that having a coach means we're not good, and once we become good, we don't need that coach anymore.

In reality, we need a coach when we're not good just as we need one when we are good.

The most successful people in business still work with a coach, and many of them have multiple coaches helping them.

Career. Business. Fitness. Mindset. Life. You name it.

A coach helps us eliminate our blind spots by forcing us to grow and be accountable to the standard we've set for ourselves.

You must crave that outside eye and guiding voice if you want to be great.

While most people avoid working with someone who's going to point out deficiencies and room for growth, Champions crave it.

Be ok with having your blind spots pointed out by a trusting advisor.

Be good with being told you're not "there" yet by a wise counselor.

If you want to speed up your ascent to greatness, find a coach to help you.

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