by Jake Thompson


Do you have enough energy to win today? Just today. Day One of any...

Do you have enough energy to win today?

Just today.

Day One of any pursuit is always the easiest.

It doesn’t matter what we’re attempting to do, we always have enough focus, energy, and drive to succeed on the first day.

First day of a health goal?

We have no issues waking up earlier when that alarm goes off to get to the gym before work or eating food we’d pre-made for the day.

First day of writing a book?

The words flow out with ease, we have confidence in what we’re putting on paper, and we might even trick ourselves into believing we’ll finish well before our original deadline months away.

First day of a new relationship?

It’s filled with butterflies in your stomach, fun conversations, and a great experience.

The first day is easy.

It’s the one after that makes it difficult.

Our snooze button sounds much sweeter on day 10 so we sleep in and skip our workout.

Day 15 of writing feels like drowning in quicksand as you stare a blinking cursor on your screen and can’t think of anything to write.

And day 30 of your relationship comes with an argument that escalates quickly and now you’re in trouble and have genuinely no idea what you did or said wrong.

If only every day of the process to reach our goals could be like the first day.

They can - with a “Day One” Mindset

We’re able to maintain our motivation and competitive edge throughout the process when we know how far we have left to go.

It’s the difference between going for a run until you’re tired, and going to run three laps.

You’ll run those three laps harder and stronger than you will if you’re told to “just run,” because you know where the end is.

Similarly, our grit is enhanced when we have the end in sight.

We can grind and push through all of the discomforts when we know there is an endpoint.

“One day” is an unknown point in the future. It could be tomorrow. It could be next year. It could be what it most commonly is, “never.”

But Day One, that’s whole different animal.

Day One is the starting point.

We all know what our first day is because we’ve got that endless supply of energy for it.

You only need today to get going.

We only care about Day One.

We wear ourselves out mentally when we look at how far we have left to go. But rarely are we distracted by the distance on first day.

We're never worn out on Day One of the process.

What if we woke up every morning with the mindset that today was the first day?

Yesterday’s wins or losses, gone.

Tomorrow’s work is still out of focus.

We can’t change the past and the only way to control the future is through the actions we take today.

We remove our focus from how far we have to go from our goal, and start a fresh game of tag because today is day one.

If you want to embrace the process of improving every day, choose to make every day, Day One.

Remind yourself that anyone - including you - has what it takes to win Day One.

To help you remember to make today Day One, we dropped this new style.

Day One Everyday

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