by Jake Thompson

But What Do You Control?

Our responsibility is not with what's beyond our control, but how...
But What Do You Control?

You don't control today's weather.

You can't control the commute to work or the lag time on a Zoom call.

You don't control if your spouse or friend is in a bad mood.

You probably don't even control if you woke up motivated or not.

But you still control your Attitude, Effort, Actions, & Focus today.

You do.

100%. No excuse.

It doesn't matter what the weather is like or how you feel - it matters if you got the necessary work done to get better.

It doesn't matter if you "feel" like being positive - it matters if you chose the right attitude or allowed yourself to choose a negative one.

It doesn't matter if you aren't doing the job you love, in the career place you wanted to be by now, or financially as comfortable as you'd like - it matters if you give your absolute best effort and take action to make sure you wake up tomorrow in a better spot than today.

Most of all, it matters that you choose to focus on what's in your control, what you can do today to make progress, and to not let outside distractions...

  • What others say
  • How far you have left to go
  • What past setbacks still haunt you
  • What future unknowns stress you

..keep you from doing what you can, with what you control, today.

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