by Jake Thompson

Are You Trying or Training?

There's a big difference between trying something & training ...
Are You Trying or Training?

Are you trying or training?

There's a big difference in the two and how we show up with intention.

Training means you are putting in work.

Training for a marathon means you are following a plan and running each day / multiple days a week.

Training for an interview means you are rehearsing Q&A and researching the company before your meeting.

Training for a speech means you're rehearsing the talk, reworking the script, and practicing your timing

Training is doing work to prepare for your moment. You're someone in motion, focused on improvement before the moment.

Trying on the other hand...

Means you're doing nothing.

Trying isn't an action. It's an excuse.

You don't try to swim. You swim or you sink to the bottom.

You don't try to lift weights. You pick up the bar or it sits there.

You don't try to make a sale. You pitch the deal or you don't.

So this week, are you trying to get better or training to? Choose wisely.

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