by Jake Thompson

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the Career-Driven Competitor in Your Life

Can't find the perfect gift for the career-driven Competitor in yo...
2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the Career-Driven Competitor in Your Life

Can't find the perfect gift for the career-driven Competitor in your life? We've compiled some of our favorite work-from-home and office essentials, including clothing recommendations, journals, & more!

WFH Essential: The Compete Joggers


Still working from home? We know how Zoom meetings go: business professional uptop, casual shorts or sweats down low. This is why the Competitor Joggers are the perfect WFH "Zoom Call" bottoms. Made with a comfortable cotton/polyester blend, these athletic joggers come in two colors of camouflage & Competitor red. Grab yourself a pair (or two) here.

Click HERE to order Joggers.


Best Self Journal

Best Self Journal

Take charge of your day and crush your goals with the Best Self Journal. Our founder uses it daily and has 10x'd his productivity by time blocking and controlling each day - instead of letting each day control him. You'll save hours and increase your productivity with the Journal.

Click HERE to shop the Best Self Journal Notebook and Motivational Supplies!


Barbell Apparel

Barbell Jeans

By far, the most comfortable thing for your butt...and legs, and body. We love Barbell Apparel's collection of denim and chinos, made exclusively for athletes and their unique bodies! Each pair stretches and fits to your quads (or booty) needs! Even better, save 10% on your order with code COMPETE at checkout!

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Compete Every Day: The Not-So-Secret Secrets to Winning Your Work + Life

Compete Every Day book

Give your Competitor a competitive advantage by grabbing a copy of Jake's newest book, Compete Every Day. This motivational read will not only equip them with the seven key choices that will help them stand out in their career, but provides actionable takeaways at the end of every chapter specific to applying concepts in their career.

Click HERE to order your copy.


Mizzen + Main

"Inspired by modern athletic gear and influenced by professional sensibilities, our American-made, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free dress shirts blend class and comfort." Mizzen and Main is the best men's dress shirt on the market. Period. I (Jake) own 12 of their shirts and it's the only button-up I'll wear. Comfort, fit, and style. Plus, their founder Kevin, is a great guy who's dedicated to building a business the right way.

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The DAILY COMPETITOR Premium Membership

Compete Every Day speaker

Want help building your leadership influence & winning mindset? Start every morning with the Daily Competitor emails from Jake. For less than $10/month, Premium Members receive a new email Mon-Sat, along with Book Club reading plans, a weekly coaching video, & quarterly live coaching calls.

Annual plans are just $95 for over 250 lessons on building a stronger leadership muscle. 

Click HERE to join the Daily Competitor.

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