Why I Compete: Casey Campbell

I strive to build tomorrow’s future with today’s efforts. Every day counts and can be used to make an impact.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Casey Campbell. I live in Silverdale, WA (across the water from Seattle). My background is in gymnastics. I was a gymnast for 17 years and competed in Division 1 college gymnastics at the University of Denver. Currently, my husband and I coach together at Cascade Elite Gymnastics West. I also compete in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Some of my competition highlights include participating in NCAA Nationals for gymnastics in 2004, 2006, and 2007 and competing in the American Open for weightlifting in 2015 and the CrossFit West Regional as an individual in 2016.

2. What’s a typical day look like for you?

My schedule varies based on the schedule of the kids I coach. Many days I coach a morning practice with my team girls from 7:30-9:30 then head into the crossfit gym where I do my own workout for about 3-4 hours. After that it’s back to work for the rest of the night! In the summers I split my workouts up into 2 sessions a day. I train from 7-9am, then coach for about 7 hours and finish my workout after that. We are lucky enough that our CrossFit and gymnastics gyms are located in the same building so it makes it a lot easier to run back and forth and fit in my workouts in my break time.

3. How did you get started on your current fitness journey?

I started CrossFit in the summer of 2013 when my husband and I found a local gym to help teach gymnastics for cross fitters. Shortly after, we moved to a new city and found a new coach who focused heavily on Olympic lifting and encouraged me to give that a try as well.

4. What’s one goal you’re currently training for?

Currently I am training to make my way back to CrossFit Regionals. Whether it be as an individual or on a team, I am excited to see how far another year of training can take me.

5. What’s one life goal you’re currently pursuing outside of fitness?

Outside of fitness, I am constantly trying to make myself a better coach. I want to be the type of coach that is remembered and admired by my athletes long after their time in my program is done… someone people think of and realize that I helped make them a better, stronger person for life. I know that a lot goes in to becoming a legendary coach like that, including patience and time, so I’m working my way up there one day at a time.

6. What does it mean to you to Compete Every Day?

To me, Compete Every Day means to give my best effort in all that I do. It means that I strive to build tomorrow’s future with today’s efforts. Every day counts and can be used to make an impact.

7. What/who do you compete for?

I compete to build strong, independent, and confident young athletes. I compete to be a better coach, friend, sister, and wife.

And I compete for me: to make myself proud, strong, and confident.

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